Stephanie Raible
Entrepreneurship & Leadership Educator


Stephanie Raible

"Those who fail are those who choose to live."

"Those who fail are those who choose to live."

This is what I just told one of my students today, but it resonated with me as I said it.

This week, I have spoken to many of my students, colleagues, friends, and family members about their goals and futures. What I have come away following these conversations is that we always assume that we have time. We think that have time to find the right job, the perfect partner, or the best option for a difficult situation.

With many of the most stressful intersections we encounter in life, we push ourselves into feeling powerless because we tell ourselves we have time to act or to figure it all out later. However, what stands behind the assumption of "having time" is often fear.

Our ability to move forward in life often rests on silencing the "what if" thoughts. What if I make the wrong choice? What if this ends up being a bad decision for my family? What if I cannot recover or turn back after making the decision?

...What if I fail?

Our lives play out from a series of circumstances and decisions. For better or worse, we live in the aftermath of our circumstances and our choices, some of which can be changed and some that cannot. Knowing this can be paralyzing, but knowing this can also be empowering.

If something has been unsettling in our lives, it might not be easy to make a change, but a change could be a step towards a better life.

I have advised so many people who feared failure, but we need to start framing failure as living. To make mistakes is to move and to learn. We need to not aim to fail but aim to live. We need to also forgive ourselves for trying.

I choose to live every day. How did you live today?

Stephanie Raible