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Stephanie Raible

MOOC Presentation: Last-minute touches!

This Friday is an important day for the entire MOOC team and especially me: I am recording the first lecture video for the forthcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) MOOC, "Helping Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World!"  We are expecting approximately thousands of learners to enroll this summer, and I am honored to be teaching the session, "Beyond the Entrepreneurial Mindset." We have two of three problem cases already recorded, and now we are going "full speed ahead" on the individual lectures and the third case video. It is thrilling to see it all coming together!

So, after me, who is person next to be recorded for the MOOC? Well, I'm glad you asked!  Our next recording scheduled is with Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Muhammad Yunus. (Woooo!)

Hopefully, some action photos are to come later this week... and let the recording season begin!